About us

Profilverkauf Gehrmann GmbH - A merchant connecting past and future

Profilverkauf Gehrmann (PROGE) is an established family company. Being in its second generation we are proudly working on realization of your desires. Reliability, creativity, engagement, flexibility and customer satisfaction are our goals which are highly followed.

All along we stand out via our high technical competences, since our employees explored a sound technical education they are able to give technical advice in all respects. 

We'll find 
solutions for complex cases, that delight you.

Due to our merchant's position our cooperations with all major manufacturers in the field of walls and roofs cladding made of steel and aluminium we are capable of choosing  and offering suitable products from a wide portfolio.

For almost 40 years we trade trapezoidal sheets, sandwich elements, currogated sheets, sidings, purlins, cassettes and flashings which are also part of our wide portfolio we offer. Our portfolio covers products in many options, colours, coatings and metals. All accessories - screws, light band panels, light plates, light domes, pipe collars, profile filler, sealing tapes, mounting material, etc. - can be delivered.

Being a diverse company it is our particular concern to also satisfy those customers who, need smaller quantities of products and material.

Modern elegance in design is also focused within industrial construction nowadays, so stainless steel is faced to be demanded in an increasing amount. Stainless steel offers advantages regarding to its resistance towards chemical influences and keeps hygenically clean. It also includes a very good protection from corrosion, when it is faced by high and low temperatures as well as in salt spray surroundings. Often customers with a low demand can not benefit from the advantages of stainless steel. We aim to change this fact so we included the stainless steel products as standard material into our product portfolio. So we can also serve small demands of stainless steel products. 

Do you have time pressure?  – We are up to the job.

Adherence to delivery dates and outright rapidity is our credo. We are able to support short therm delivery for you.

Do not hesitate to ask us. – We are pleased to work with you.