Especially suitable for

  • Fastening of profile sheets steel and sandwich elements on subconstructions steel

  • Fastehing of profile sheets steel/ aluminium on subconstructions aluminium

Incl. 16 mm gasket stainless steel captive pre-mounted:

Ø [mm]Length
GasketOrder designation
6,319E16, Ø 16 mmJZ3-6,3x19-E16
6,325E16, Ø 16 mmJZ3-6,3x-25-E16
6,332E16, Ø 16 mmJZ3-6,3x-32-E16
6,338E16, Ø 16 mmJZ3-6,3x-38-E16
6,350E16, Ø 16 mmJZ3-6,3x-50-E16
6,364E16, Ø 16 mmJZ3-6,3x-64-E16
6,380E16, Ø 16 mmJZ3-6,3x-80-E16
6,390E16, Ø 16 mmJZ3-6,3x-90-E16
6,3100E16, Ø 16 mmJZ3-6,3x-100-E16
6,3115E16, Ø 16 mmJZ3-6,3x-115-E16
6,3125E16, Ø 16 mmJZ3-6,3x-125-E16
6,3135E16, Ø 16 mmJZ3-6,3x-135-E16
6,3150E16, Ø 16 mmJZ3-6,3x-150-E16
6,3165E16, Ø 16 mmJZ3-6,3x-165-E16
6,3175E16, Ø 16 mmJZ3-6,3x-175-E16
6,3200E16, Ø 16 mmJZ3-6,3x-200-E16
6,3230E16, Ø 16 mmJZ3-6,3x-230-E16
6,3270E16, Ø 16 mmJZ3-6,3x-270-E16

Incl. 22 mm gasket stainless steel captive pre-mounted:

Ø [mm]Length
GasketOrder designation
6,319E22, Ø 22 mmJZ3-6,3x19-E22
6,325E22, Ø 22 mmJZ3-6,3x25-E22
6,332E22, Ø 22 mmJZ3-6,3x32-E22
6,338E22, Ø 22 mmJZ3-6,3x38-E22
6,350E22, Ø 22 mmJZ3-6,3x50-E22
6,364E22, Ø 22 mmJZ3-6,3x64-E22
6,380E22, Ø 22 mmJZ3-6,3x80-E22
6,390E22, Ø 22 mmJZ3-6,3x90-E22
6,3100E22, Ø 22 mmJZ3-6,3x100-E22
6,3115E22, Ø 22 mmJZ3-6,3x115-E22
6,3125E22, Ø 22 mmJZ3-6,3x125-E22
6,3135E22, Ø 22 mmJZ3-6,3x135-E22
6,3150E22, Ø 22 mmJZ3-6,3x150-E22
6,3165E22, Ø 22 mmJZ3-6,3x165-E22
6,3175E22, Ø 22 mmJZ3-6,3x175-E22
6,3200E22, Ø 22 mmJZ3-6,3x200-E22
6,3230E22, Ø 22 mmJZ3-6,3x230-E22
6,3270E22, Ø 22 mmJZ3-6,3x270-E22


  • Stainless steel A2

Technical data:

PropulsionInner heaxagonal SW3/8"


Suitable accessories:

Metal screw driver SCS 6.3

  • For fastening self-drilling screws up to Ø 6.3 mm
  • Tool holder: 1/4″ internal hexagon, Form F3 (DIN 3126)
  • Voltage: 220 V ~

Precision driller HSS form S

  • Specially roughened for the achievement of high drilling-capacities with lower drilling pressure.
  • high lifetime



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