Solar fastener

EJOT® Solar fastener

For mounting of subconstructions for solar plants and photovoltaic systems.

You would like to attach your solar- and photovoltaic system secure and simple?
In this case we offer you approved solar fastener (Approval Z-14.4-532) made of stainless steel A2
(1.4301) by EJOT®.

Working with solar fasteners includes the following advantages:

  • Accurate allignment of the plant
  • Easy installation and tightness via calotte and a gasket
  • A high carrying capacity
  • Application in current subconstructions like wood or steel
  • Application for roofs with trapezoidal profiles, currogated profiles, sandwich elements and currogated fiber panels
  • A discharge of the thin cover due to tensile and compressive forces, which are transferred into the subconstruction

The solar fastening depends on the type of subconstruction: Mounting on wood or steel.

    The EJOT® solar fastener consist of a wooden screw according to DIN 571 or a screw being building approved with a variable threaded pin that is connected via a welded joint. The complete set includes the solar fastening screw with a welded threaded pin, an EJOT® ORKAN calotte with the gasket E16/8 or a gasket FZD A2, a nut, a retailing nut and the associated washers.




    The roof's covering shell is not damaged via tensile and compressive forces since these are transferred into the subconstruction via a solar fastener. The admissable tractive forces are allowed to be calculated according to DIN 1052-2:1988-04 or can be taken from the building approval.

    Solar fasteners can be applied on roofs with trapezoidal profile sheets, currogated sheets, sandwich elements and currogated fiber panels. Mounting of solar panels and photovoltaic systems is designed simply, so the old screws are removed and substituted by the EJOT® solar fastener Ø 8,0 mm when the existing roof is fixed on steel subconstructions with screws of Ø 5,5 mm or Ø 6,3 mm. The pre-drilling diameter ought to be reviewed in any case.


    We will be pleased to provide you with individual advice based on your requirements (contact).