Moulded parts facade

The fastening materials meet static requirements and are connected to the variety of its purposes and sub-constructions, which will be delivered based on your individual needs. 
Additionally profile fillers and sealing tapes for small and large sized beads coloured in black or white are available. 
For the purposes of cold- and warm roofs as well as facades there are detailed informations of moulded components presented exemplary.

Detailed preview:

outside corner (isosceles)

outside corner (non-isosceles)

outside corner (non-isosceles)

inside corner 1

outside corner

outside corner 2

pilaster strip 1

pilaster strip 2

outside corner 3

inside corner 2

outside corner 4

inside corner 3



base profile 1

base profile 2

fixing bracket parapet cap

parapet cap 1

parapet cap 2

mounting bracket

end profile

connection profile

window reveal

inlet profile

We will be pleased to provide you with individual advice based on your requirements (contact).