Light panels

Our product range includes light panels consisting of uv-resistant materials consistent with trapezoidal  and currogated sheets. Light panels complement roof and side elements.

Available in various materials

Regarding to designed roofs (e.g. inclined pent roof or gabled roof surface made of trapezoid sandwich elements) the illumination with strip lightnings are an obvious form.
This option offers a lightning system with few installation costs, low maintenance costs and also low energy losses will be achieved.

These are also profiled elements consisting of glass fiber reinforced polyester, acryl glass, PVC or PC that are arranged parallel or vertical in relation to the roof pitch. Attention should be paid to the position of the profile in connection to the roof's gradient.

The strip lightnings should be divided into smaller segments for fire and mounting protection reasons. Due to the lower load capacity it is recommended to use a tighter purlin classification as for the utilized profile sheet. Strip lightnings are found more often within the sidings and are available in various types of sheets. In the following some strip lightning types including its technical details are given explanary.

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