Material variety

The different products can consist of the following material:

In addition a coating can be applied optionally.

Galvanized steel:

Galvanized steel is utilized as a base material and thus it is available in the qualities of S320GD + Zink (Z) and S320GD + Zink-Aluminium (ZA). The zinc layer is 18 - 20 µm per side, which means 275 g/m² for Z and 255 g/m² for ZA. These materials are delivered in accourdance to the applicable european standards EN10143, EN10147 and EN10214.
Basically galvanized steel is unsuitable for the external use and complies to corrosion protection class KI.


This is a metallic cover consisting of a metallic surface made of an aluminium-zinc alloy of 55% aluminium, 43,4 % zinc and 1,6 % silicon. This aluminium-zinc alloy is applied in a continuous process. Aluzinc combines the protective characteristics of the aluminium with the galvanic protection of zinc. The coating thickness is 25 µm per side (185 g/m²) and is applicable for the outdoor use for walls and roofs as well. This type of coating corresponds to corrosion protection class KIII / KIII. Profile sheets with the aluzinc-alloy (Galvalume) are in accordance to the european standards EN10215 and EN10143.


Aluminium is delivered in a standard alloy ENAW-3105 (AlMn0,5 Mg0,5). Possible options are bright-rolled aluminium in smooth or blanc stucco as well as including the optional types of coating polyester or PVDF. The delivered aluminium fulfils the current european standard EN485.
For the utilization of bright-rolled aluminium profile panels please observe our technical information sheet

Stainless steel:

Almost all trapezoidal and currogated sheets can be produced in stainless steel, which can be delivered bright-rolled in standard qualities 1.4301 and 1.4401. These qualities are exclusively available in 2B-finish.
We also deliver UGIBRIGHT® in quality 1.4526, a stainless steel that offers a special glossy and homogeneous surface. The utilization as a facade, allows the building to reflect its surrounding and causes an effect of constant changes in its appearance during the day.  Sheets of stainless steel comply with the standards EN10088-2 and EN10259 and are additionally equipped with a double-sided protective foil.

On our product pages you will find correspondend informations regarding to our types of stainless steel.
Should you require further informations in connection to profile sheets made of stainless steel, we are pleased to provide you assistance at any time (contact).

PUR- Rigid foam:

PUR-Rigid foam appreviates Polyurethane-Rigid foam. PUR-Sandwich elements have good thermal insulation characteristics. 

PIR-Rigid foam:

PIR-Rigid foam appreviates Polyisocyanurat-Rigid foam. PIR-Sandwich elements have a good thermal insulation characteristics. 


We will be pleased to provide you with individual advice based on your requirements (contact).