WP-A Wall - acoustic

BRUCHA Paneel® WP-A Wall - Acoustic

BRUCHA Paneel® Acustic - WP-A offers a practice oriented and neat solution regarding to sound absorption and airborne sound insulation for inner walls, suspended ceilings as well as an optimal enhancement of the room's acoustic.

Product features

  • sheet thickness: double-sided 0,60 mm
  • Inner shell: even (E) perforated, percentage of perforation 32,5%
  • perforation pattern: ∅ 3mm, spacing 5 mm
  • Outer shell: lined (L), even (E), microlined (M), v-profiled (V)
  • Acoustic-sandwich elements are not suitable for the mounting of outside walls
  • assessed sound insulation value Rw: 32dB
  • noise protection applied as inside wall
  • Fire behavior according to EN 13501-1, Euroclass A1 non-flammable
  • constructive, rockwool
  • standard density 120 km/m3, 140 kg/m3 upon Request
  • no construction approval

Profiling options:

Profile preview:

Butt joint:

Technical data:

Core thickness
value [Rw dB]
Sound absorption
WP-A 60600,6415,7~ 320,85EI 30
WP-A 80800,4818,1~ 320,85EI 60
WP-A 1001000,3920,5~ 320,85EI 90
WP-A 1201200,3322,9~ 320,85EI 120
WP-A 1501500,2626,5~ 320,85EI 120
WP-A  1601600,2527,7~ 320,85EI 120
WP-A 2002000,2032,5~ 320,85EI 120
WP-A  2402400,1737,2~ 320,85EI 120



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