Hoesch - isowelle®

Product program Hoesch Wall - isowelle®

This facade element is delivered pre-finished and helps designing modern and homogenious wall surfaces. The Hoesch isowelle® can be mounted horizontal and vertical and offers freedom of design regarding to the concealed fastening option. Combining Isowelle® with Isowand® vario, a wide spectrum of design variations offer an especially creative look.

Element HIW

Product features:

  • Concealed fastening
  • Inner shell- sheet thickness: 0,75 mm
  • Inner shell- profiling: Lined (L)
  • Outer shell- profiling: Currogated (27/125)
  • Max. delivery length: 20,0 m

Product preview:

Technical data:


d [mm]
Cover shell thicknessWeight
Heat resistance
R [m²K/W]
Heat transfer coefficient
U [W/(m²K)]
Heat transfer coefficient
U*1 [W/(m²K)]


according to EN 13165 and EN 14509 incl. Joint influence

1. Letter = Lining outer shell / 2. Letter = Lining inner shell
*1 according to EN ISO 6946

HIW 84840,600,7515,33,000,360,32
HIW 1041040,600,7516,13,850,270,25

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