metecno Superwall ML

Product features:

  • concealed fastening
  • Inner shell- sheet thickness: 0,45 mm mit stucco-embossing
    (also available without embossing upon request)
  • Outer shell- sheet thickness: 0,60 mm
  • Inner shell- profiling: lined (L)

Product preview:

Technical data:

Component steel

Element thickness d

Material thickness outer shell

Material thickness inner shell

Thermal resistance
R [m²K/W]
Heat transfer coefficient U [W/(m²K)]
excl. ᴪ
incl. ᴪ
ML 60600,600,45*11,82,460,380,44
ML 80800,600,45*12,63,290,290,32
ML 1001000,600,45*13,44,120,230,25
ML 1201200,600,45*14,24,960,200,21
ML 1501500,600,45*15,46,200,160,17
* incl. stucco-embossing (also available without embossing)
ᴪ = joint factor


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