Informations Polyester

Polyester profile pannels are profiled in a continous laminating process consisting of glass fibre and polyester resins (GFUP).Polyester profile panels as a thermo setting material offer an excellent temperature and dimensional stability.

Area of application
The PVC profile panels are utilized in hall constructions preferably for illumination of sidings and roof surfaces. The variety of types of profiles allows a combination of panels with other profiled materials (e.g. steel and aluminum, fiber cement) with the identical profile, which results in an economically efficient and simple provision of daylight in practice

Delivery length
In general profile panels are produced in the clients desired length. Numerous profile panels are available in a short delivery time. For transport and process-connected reasons lengths of 6000 mm should not be exceeded.

In the standard design PC profile panels are delivered im nominal thickness of 1,0 mm. The production process relates to a high amount of tolerances. Various amounts of thickness are available upon request when minimum quantities are purchased.

Polyester profiles are available in "transparent clear" type in general and special profiles are also deliverable in other colour versions when a minimum quantity is purchased.

Transport and storage
The storage of polyester profile panels has to be dry and infinitely protected from sun- and heat radiation. Therefore an outdoor storage is only partially recommended and in case it is inevitable, the material must be covered with white, light- and wet impermeable foil.

Drilling is done with a sharply grinded drill without applying high pressure. Dilling holes should be sufficiently large since there is a higher thermal extension of profile panels in comparison to other construction materials.
The expansion coefficient is approx. 0,035 (mm/m)°C, which results in a length variation of approx. 1 mm per m panel length in Central European climate.

Mounting is utilized via regular hexagon screws with washers and seals, but we kindly notice, that the washer's diameter has to be at least 25 mm. Mounting on a raised bead needs calottes and the maximum mounting distances have to be chosen according to our table. We are pleased to consign it to you upon request.

Panel walkability

PC Profile panels are not walkable!

Walking on profile panels is only possible when there are running boards which cover at least two fields of purlin. In this case the applicable accident prevention regulations have to be observed.

It is not permitted to step on the panels itself! Extreme danger of falling!

Bearing surfaces
All bearing surfaces ought to be coloured white, otherwise an accumulation of heat due to extreme solar radiation can occur under the panel.

Soiling can be removed by a low concentrated detergent brine, but abraisive or corrosive additives ought to be avoided. After cleaning rinse with clear water.

Special surface coating
All polyester profile panels can be covered by special high quality coatings ex factory, which prevents an untimely glass fibre pull out and also an exterior severe contamination is prevented.

Length tolerance
Due to differences in temperature and the mechanical cutting procedure the following tolerances regarding to the length of order is possible:

Length unti: 2, 4, 6, 8 m
Tolerance:+/- 4, 6, 10, 14 mm

A probable fitting addition is to take into account within the order.

Technical data

  • visible light: approx. 80%
  • Infrared: approx. 80 %
  • Ultraviolet: almost 0 %
  • Density: approx. 1,2
  • Temperature resistance: temporary, without load up to 115°C
  • Reaction to fire: normal inflammable B2 according to DIN 4102
  • non-burn dripping

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