Isotherm is now FischerTherm

FischerTHERM are sandwich elements with cover shells made of steel, can be ordered in band galvanized with a coil coating option, which consist of an insulation core in FCKW- and HFCKW-free polyurethane (PU) rigid foam. Its rigid foam core is connected to the cover shells shear-resistantly. The ready-to-assemble components are available in different versions for roofs and walls. 

The following elements are available for walls:

  • FischerTHERM LL as standard element, structural width: 1100 mm
  • FischerTHERM plus SL and ML incl. concealed fastening, structural width: 1000 mm
  • FischerTHERM TL incl. trapezoidal profiled outside, structural width: 1000 mm
  • FischerTHERM WL incl. currogated profiled outer shell, structural width: 1000 mm

The following elements are available for roofs

FischerTHERM is a very light component with a high stiffness, with wide spans and an easy on-side handling. The nomenclature of the profiling as well as its available surface options are shown in the following overview:

Product overview:

M     Micro lining
TTrapezoidal profiling
(wall element T)
TTrapezoidal profiling
(roof element D)
WWave profiling
(wall element)

Overview product availability:

FischerTHERM 40, 60, 80, 100XXXXX
FischerTHERM plus 60, 80, 100XXXXXXX
FischerTHERM TL 65, 85X
FischerTHERM DL 70, 80, 100, 120, 140X
FischerTHERM WL 80, 100X
1. Letter = Outer shell/ 2. Letter = Inner shell

FischerTHERM plus is a wall element which is designed elegant and includes a concealed fastening within the element. While mounting this element no additional installation auxiliary material is needed, so only the regular connecting materials are used. Conjunction profiles also include visible fastening.

FischerTHERM TL has a covershell which is trapezoidal profiled and is characterized by a higher stiffness.
FischerTHERM WL is our new element for walls and includes a currogated outer shell.

The equivalent roof element FischerTHERM DL is designed with wider substraps, which allows stepping on the element while fastening it. Thin grooves prevent shifting of the drill while fastening so a damage of the plastic coating is inhibited.

The longitudinal joint's gaskets are glued factory-made. In order to get more details, the product overviews regarding to roof and wall topics show its options. Regarding to technical questions, we are pleased to assist you.

Jointsealing strip:


We will be pleased to provide you with individual advice based on your requirements (contact).